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Tony Baker


Hailing from Kentucky, Tony joined LPC in June 2023 bringing with him over 30 years' experience in design and print. During his career he has gained comprehensive knowledge of printing techniques, materials and processes.

With a versatile skill set that spans across creative, technical and client service realms, Tony is committed to streamlining the design-to-print process.


He is dedicated to catalysing growth and fostering success for businesses across all industries by leveraging the most suitable printing techniques, materials and finishes, resulting in high-quality deliverables that resonate with consumers and elevate brands.

Tony has previously worked as Project Arts Manager and Brand Print Manager for the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever, Budweiser, Proctor & Gamble and Walmart, amongst many others.


Contact Tony today on 01475 675203 or

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Scott McGregor






Scott joined LPC in 1993 having trained in Print Management & Production and Graphic Reproduction at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing between 1989 and 1992.

As well as general graphic design, Scott is an expert in all areas of branding, and has worked with thousands of start-ups and established businesses on enhancing their corporate identity.

Contact Scott today on 01475 675203 or

David McGarvey



David has been with LPC since 2010 and fulfils many roles within the business, primarily book-keeping and logistics.

Born with a natural affinity for creativity and technology, and growing up surrounded by the rapid evolution of technology, David was drawn to the intersection of art and computing. Pursuing his passion, David earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Computer Animation and Digital Art from Paisley University in 2007, gaining invaluable knowledge of visual imaging software, graphic communication and copyright law.

Armed with a solid foundation in animation and digital art, David recognised the importance of blending creativity with organisational skills. Seeking a unique career path, he transitioned into office management, bringing a fresh perspective to the administrative landscape.

Understanding the critical role of efficient supply chain management and organisational flow, David became an expert in orchestrating seamless logistics, ensuring that resources and materials were always where they needed to be.

As LPC's Office Manager, he seamlessly orchestrates the daily operations of the company, combining his artistic sensibility with a meticulous approach to logistics. His ability to manage projects with a keen eye for detail sets him apart in the corporate world.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape,

David stays at the forefront of digital advancements. Leveraging his knowledge of computer tools, he implements cutting-edge technologies in office management, while simultaneously optimising logistics processes for maximum efficiency.

David believes in the strength of diverse talents and backgrounds, encouraging the whole LPC team to think creatively and bring their unique perspectives to the table, all while maintaining a keen focus on logistical precision.

David continues to help shape a workplace where creativity thrives alongside operational excellence.

Contact David today on 01475 675203 or


Stuart McGregor


Stuart joined LPC in 2003 having gained a BA(Hons) in Media and Business Communications from Glasgow Caledonian University.


His degree specialised in marketing, the English language and graphic design; invaluable skills in the modern printing industry.

As well as general graphic design, Stuart specialises in web design and has created over 150 websites for businesses in a variety of industries. Click here to see some of his previous work.

Throughout his career, Stuart has collaborated with a diverse array of clients, ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations, each project serving as an opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality.


His portfolio boasts a rich tapestry of projects that showcase his versatility, attention to detail and unwavering dedication to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Beyond his technical prowess, Stuart is known for his collaborative spirit and his ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and precision. Whether he's working independently or as part of a multidisciplinary team, Stuart approaches each project with a collaborative mindset, fostering an environment where creativity thrives and innovation flourishes.

Contact Stuart today on 01475 675203 or

Stuart Connick



Born and raised in Largs, Stuart discovered the world of printing at a young age.


Fascinated by the intricate process of bringing ideas to life on paper, Stuart's journey into the printing industry began with a keen interest in offset lithography.

Stuart joined LPC in 1987 as a junior operator and quickly ascended the ranks through dedication and a commitment to excellence.


As an Offset Litho Operator, Stuart is a maestro at manipulating the delicate balance of ink, water and plates to produce vibrant and high-quality prints. Attention to detail and an intuitive understanding of colour theory sets Stuart apart in the competitive world of offset printing.

Realising the importance of a polished final product, Stuart expanded his expertise into print finishing. From trimming and binding to embossing and laminating, Stuart is a print finishing expert with a flair for turning printed sheets into works of art. Collaborating seamlessly with our design team, Stuart ensures that every project meets or exceeds client expectations.

In an ever-evolving industry, Stuart has stayed at the forefront of technological advancements, embracing digital printing technologies.

Whether it's the rhythmic hum of the printing press or the meticulous finesse of finishing touches, Stuart continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of the printing industry.


John Moore



John has been with LPC since 2012, offering financial solutions to all our clients' printing requirements.

Recognising the impact of credit control on client success, John has dedicated his career to architecting financial confidence for clients. In various roles, he has been instrumental in tailoring credit control strategies that not only safeguard clients against financial risks but also optimise their cash flow and creditworthiness.

A cornerstone of John's approach is building strategic relationships with clients. He collaborates closely to understand their unique financial goals and challenges, offering tailored credit solutions that align with their business objectives. His ability to balance revenue generation and risk mitigation ensures that clients not only survive but thrive in competitive markets.

In the dynamic world of finance, John's commitment to continuous learning is driven by a desire to provide clients with the latest and most effective credit management strategies. By staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements, he ensures that clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that keep their financial portfolios robust and resilient.

Beyond transactional interactions, John engages in mentorship and client education. He guides clients on best practices, empowering them to understand and actively participate in their credit management processes. Through knowledge-sharing and mentorship, John ensures that clients feel in control of their financial destinies.


John's dedication to client prosperity stands as an inspiration for aspiring finance professionals and underscores the pivotal role of credit control in fostering financial empowerment.


Contact John today at

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