In this day and age, a company’s website is its first point of contact for most potential customers.


The number of leads collected online through an effective web presence is increasing year after year.


Increased use of smartphones means that websites should be responsive and work as effectively (if not better) on such devices.


All of LPC's websites are designed for use on a smartphone and a desktop PC and are easily navigable to ensure the visitor spends as much time as possible reading your content. On average a visitor judges a website within three seconds - it's vital your site captures their attention immediately.


We will guide you every step of the way: from buying a suitable domain name; embedding Facebook timelines so you can update the site yourself; and creating an eye-catching but easily navigable site, LPC will provide you with an effective web presence in only a matter of days.


If you're starting a new company we'll also work with you on the creation of your branding and corporate identity: whether online or offline, we aim to make your company instantly recognisable.


Our websites start from only £299 + VAT with an annual hosting charge of £80 + VAT. As added bonuses, we'll also create a complementary Facebook company page and advise you on how best to utilise social media.


Please make an appointment with one of our designers and, after a short discussion, we will provide you with an exact quote and timescale.


Call 01475 675203 or click here and fill in the form to make an appointment.

Click a link below to see some of our previous work.


The creation of each of these sites cost between £299 and £1700 + VAT to create. Minor amendments cost zero.


Hosting costs £80 + VAT per annum.


A domain name costs approximately £15 per annum.